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• 7/31/2018

anime fandom

what anime was you a fan of but not anymore or your a fan of the og but not new ver of it
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• 7/8/2018

Card game coverage

Should be be covering the old and new card games? Or would they just count as merchandise given that they're non-narrative?
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• 7/7/2018

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• 4/21/2017

Revamping the Wikia

Hey guys, been done a while. I've done a lot of thinking about how Robotech is changing, how our coverage needs to change, and how we're going to be able to pull this off.
A while ago, User:Corellian Premier suggested to me that our best bet for future coverage would be to add panels to the tops of pages to indicate other versions of the characters (in the chance of a Live-action Reboot or something of the sort). I not only have come to agree with this, but I think that we need to start separating and sorting our pages more clearly.
Thus, I am going to be suggesting that we totally separate some continuities and stories to other pages. For an example of how we would do this, please see how South Park Archives covers stories. Where they have a "Trivia" tab, we'll have a tab entirely for the canon of the Novelisations.
If you need a better visual cue, check out my sandbox.

Live Action

There's many positives to this. For one, it allows us to cover stories more naturally. Now, every story ever released will have a place. We don't have to nestle stories into behind the scenes sections. We wont have to disqualify stories as "valid" or decide what level of canon they are. If they don't fix with the main-space, we'll put them in their own page.
This is great for fans of, say, the comics from the 1990s. As more Main canon media comes out, most of those stories would have been eliminated. It also means that we'll get to worry less about contradicting accounts; indeed it's annoying try to pretend that The Sentinels comics and Robotech: Prelude to the Shadow Chronicles are meant to truly co-exist. And as more reboots come out, like the new Titan series or the supposed Live Action Movie, we'll already have a system in place for dealing with that "Alternate reality."
I'm opening this thread to hear from what you guys think, even as this space is basically pretty dead currently. I think this system is going to work out great, and I'd love to hear what you guys think.
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• 4/10/2017

Image Identification

For screenshots still not in episode categories.
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• 9/20/2016

RPG Short Stories

According to what I read at Martin, some of the RPG characters we cover come from short stories within the bindings of the rule books.
I think that while we don't cover RPG rule books and stats because they aren't strictly real narratives, that we could cover and have specific pages on any short stories, if actual mini-narratives as one would presume.
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• 7/28/2016

A review of 'The Shadow Chronicles'
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• 6/11/2016

Voltron premiere today!

Anyone gonna check out the new Voltron reboot that just came out on Netflix? Thinking about bingeing some of the older show to get a feel for it (the crossover really made me interested in it all) before I cross over.
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• 1/3/2016

Robotech moves on from DC

The comic license with DC comics had now expired and a new publisher is being looked for interested in buying the rights. According to what I understand, the main contenders have a history of printing Sony-licensed comics.
Any guesses to who these may be?
For those who don't know, DC bought (back) the rights to the Robotech title in the early 2000s as they saw potential and a live-action film was soon planned with Warner Brothers. Within a few years, however, WB had abandoned the project, and DC apparently decided not to renew the contract. Because of this, the right are now moving elsewhere. This could mean more Robotech comics, as other companies might be more willing to produce risky comics from fan favorites.
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• 11/12/2015

San Diego Comic Con 2016, July 20-24 & Robotech LAM Announcement

Comic-Con International 2016 will be held July 20-24 (with Preview Night on July 20) at the San Diego Convention Center.
Facebook PAGE:
Thanks to this video announcement featuring Kevin McKeever, there are tentative plans by the producers to have some material from the Live Action Movie to show off:
As with other conventions in the area, RobotechX folks are planning to be in attendance and will post any Robotec-specific booths and panels in their forums:
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• 11/12/2015

Anime Expo - Los Angeles 2016, July 1st-4th

Anime Expo 2016
Los Angeles Convention Center, 1201 South Figueroa Street, Los Angeles, CA 90015
Registration is now open:
Some folks from RobotechX will probably be gathering there:
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• 11/12/2015

WonderCon Los Angeles 2016, CA. March 25-27

WonderCon Los Angeles 2016
MARCH 25–27, 2016
Los Angeles Convention Center - 1201 Figueroa St., Los Angeles, CA 90015
RobotechX plans to have a presence there:
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• 11/12/2015

Couple of general, unrelated questions about the Forum and the Wiki

Forum: Can we use the News and Announcements section of the forum to provide general Robotech news, or should it be Wiki-specific?
i.e. Robotech's Facebook page just posted the following video with some (not really new, but vaguely/kinda) info about the LAM:
Wiki: While the Robotech RPG and Robotech RPG Tactics material is generally regarded as pretty low on the canon totem-pole, the weapon and equipment loadouts and plenty of measurement-related statistics on the vehicles (height, length, crew size, etc.) are generally pulled from the (at the time) most up-to-date resources. How specific do we want to be in the various mecha/vessel entries with regard to this information?
i.e. The Female Power Armor entry on the wiki lists the weapon loadout like this:

2 x Triple-barreled 64mm grenade launcher
2 x Medium particle cannons
4 x 103mm mini-missile launchers
Do we want to get that specific with things like "64mm" and "triple-barreled"? I'm sure we can get even more crazy with those "tech files" pages featured in some of the comics that have pretty specific equipment/weapon names. Just curious before I add any of this stuff.
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• 11/7/2015

Robotech Wikia Board Meeting 3

For those of you who are new to the editing sphere of the wiki, every few weeks/months we have a board meeting to discuss certain elements of the wikia which need improving or changing. If you have anything that you dislike about our policies or you would like clarified, bring it up here.
I am strongly considering removing the Secondary Canon tags from the Robotech: Invasion, Robotech: Battlecry, and Robotech/Voltron pages. The main reason for this is, despite the fact that the writers have made it clear that these are not things which they consider to be as important as the comics or TV series, our definition of secondary canon is something which has yet to be removed from the canon of Robotech, but isn't qualified by the writers as primary. Battlecry has in fact been referenced many times by the comics in recent years, and will certainly never be removed from the Robotech canon. I would say that it would be better to subjugate only stories before From the Stars with this tag.
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• 10/29/2015

Looking to complete your Robotech comic book collection?

If you are absolutely filthy rich and looking to get every darn Robotech comic out there, you got 12 days:
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• 10/29/2015

Macross Delta trailer

As many of you may know, the trailer for Macross Tria- DELTA, Macross Delta had just been been released. Showing epic fighter battles, new characters, and a promise for some kind of adventure, it has caused quite a stir among fans of anime.
What are your all thoughts? Personally it just doesn't seem to be to my tastes -- I dislike how unoriginal it seems in my head, seeming like literally every anime from the past five years before seeming like Macross. But my cynical thoughts aside, what are all of your thoughts?
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• 10/21/2015

Have a good day everyone!
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• 10/19/2015

Community > Forum in the navigation leads to the wrong page.

It doesn't look like I'm able to update navigation, so just wanted to point out:

On the Wiki > Forum is correct.
Community > Forum leads to an "archived" version of the forum (Forum:Index).
Number 2 should get updated.
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• 8/25/2015

I guess we made it?
Pretty confident that the Robotech facebook page has started to pull images from our site... I did some colour correction on the Sentinels images, so I know when one is mine... lol :p
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• 8/12/2015

Robotech Wikia Board Meeting 2

Okay, so I figured that it was time that we opened another chat to discuss issues on the wiki. Just noticed a few biggies myself, so I'll start with those.
So first off, I would like to suggest that we start using the cite template on articles more. This is a template for information that is not sourced to an episode or story, which many of our pages have. Basically we want all info that does not involve names, stats, and some dates to be sourced to an episode. So if you see something which should link to an episode but doesn't, put {{cite}} after the info and this will alert everyone to be on the lookout for that source.
Also, I wanted to again point out our tenses on the site. On all in-universe pages, we aim for a past-tense point of view. Why we do this is simple; if we were referring to the stories themselves, we would use present tense, as those stories will always exist in some form. But we are referring to events themselves, and using stories as sources. So it's not "The Macross is destroyed in To the Stars," it's "The Macross was destroyed. (Macross Saga: "To the Stars") I know that I can linger on this, but I just wanted to explain it again and suggest that if you see any present-tense wording on pages (such as "is") that you try and correct it.
Issue three and the most pressing (and perhaps the only real "discussion" to be had) is the issue of year and day pages, the most inconsistent pages on the site. Flip through a few and you'll notice that our style is all-over the place. Sometimes we write them in a present sense, sometimes it's in a past tense. Sometimes there are colons, sometimes there are commas... Italics occasionally, Bolded texts other times... All over the place. We need to decide on a consistent style, and for that issue, even I am not sure where we should take this. I'm leaning towards past-tense, but I'm not sure. What do you guys think?
Also, this is a bit odd, but I'm thinking about adopting the wiki. I'm already an admin, but I'm missing some key powers, such as the ability to make other admins. So I just wanted to make sure that was fine with everyone.
Once again, if you have any other topics or issue, bring them up and we can discuss them. Cheers!
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