Timeline for 2004


2004 was a year in Earth's calendar.


Character Deaths

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Real-world Events

Non-canon events

The following events are now removed from continuity:

  • The counsel puts T. R. Edwards in charge of making sure the Veritech's completion. He secretly worked with Dr. Wilber to destroy the prototype and steal its secrets. The plan failed after Wilbur had a change of heart. (Robotech: Return To Macross)
  • December, Edwards crashed over the sea, after stating that he was being followed by three missiles. He was taken to an undersea submarine, that contained a terrorist group that had captured the Veritech prototype. The terrorist group had payed him to ship a Veritech to them. He planned to double cross them. Roy Fokker was sent out to find him. Edwards shot Roy down, Roy was offered the chance to join as well, and Edwards told Roy that he was pretending to work with them, while actually trying to plan an escape route. Edwards escaped because during a flight to the SDF-1 where he was to help the terrorists, he stated codes that informed the base that he had been captured. They shot down the two planes next to him. Roy escaped on a stolen plane meanwhile. (Robotech: Return To Macross)
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