Timeline for 2010


2010 is a year in Earth's calendar.

This year encompasses the events of the following episodes: Blind Game, First Contact, The Big Escape, Blue Wind, Gloval's Report, Homecoming, Battlecry, Phantasm, Farewell, Big Brother, Bursting Point and Paradise Lost.


  • January, Breetai's fleet threatens the SDF-1. Khyron destroys the long-range radar tower.
  • Februrary, Lisa Hayes and Vermillion Squadron are captured by Zentraedi forces.
  • February, Breetai is relieved of his command, replaced by Azonia.
  • February, three Zentraedi spies (Rico, Konda and Bron) infiltrate the SDF-1 with the help of Miriya Parina.
  • March, the SDF-1 returns to Earth, landing in the Pacific Ocean; the civilian survivors of Macross City are forbidden from disembarking by Earth Defense Command.
  • May, Rick Hunter takes command of Skull Squadron.
  • May, the city of Toronto, in the Ontario Quadrant, agrees to receive the citizens of Macross City; an overload of the SDF-1's Omni-Directional Barrier System system destroys the city, and Ontario withdraws its consent to resettle the refugees.
  • June, Breetai returns to Earth, and Azonia is relieved of her command.
  • June, the Zentraedi spies return to their fleet.
  • June, the SDF-1 leaves Earth's atmosphere.

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