Timeline for 2015


2015 was a year in Earth's calendar.


Construction of Expeditionary Forces vessels continued in preparation for large scale mission to find the homeworld of the Robotech Masters. (Infopedia timeline) [citation needed]

Testing of the YF-4 Lightning and VF-X-6 Genia goes underway. Wolf Squadron is ambushed by Zentraedi Malcontents. Rick Hunter arrives to assist in the brief battle. (Robotech: From the Stars 0: Promises)

At the same time, Skull-One is decommissioned for stress testing by Emil Lang. Hunter, thinking back on his now deceased adopted brother, (Robotech: From the Stars 0: Promises) proposes to his girlfriend Lisa Hayes. Afterwards, he takes Skull-One out for one more flight while remembering his brother. (Robotech: From the Stars 6: Commitment)

Real-world events

  • 4 March - Robotech's 30th Anniversary.
  • 25 March - After years of stalling at Warner Brothers Pictures, the Robotech license is taken up by Sony Pictures Entertainment, who see it as a potential franchise. This brings promise of great change for the franchise, for better or for worse, as licenses on comics, video games, and animated products are now up-in-the-air. This decision also brings Robotech into a more mainstream mind-set, as the franchise manages to reach more than day-by-day enthusiasts.
  • 27 April - is victim to another hacker attack, and goes down to update.
  • 5 May - Robert W. Gibson, Robotech and Captain Harlock comic writer, passes away.
  • 7 July - goes online once more, with a brand-new design, focusing on news articles and removing the Infopedia and community discussions.
  • 9 July - Harmony Gold and Toynami visit the San Diego Comic Con, releasing brand new info on merchandise (including a series of three-inch Macross Saga figures similar to those released in the '80's), comics, and the Live Action Movie (with the announcement that noted director James Wan is involved with the film), as well as other projects in the pipeline.
  • July - Detailed images of Pluto are recorded by a NASA probe New Horizons, passing the planet after nine years of space-travel. NASA decides to name one of the chasmata discovered the "Macross Chasma," after the original 1982 series, along with many other land-marks named after such franchises as Doctor Who, Star Trek, and Star Wars. [1]
  • 30 September - The trade paperback of Robotech/Voltron is planned for release, although it came out in November.
  • 3 October - The first Protoculture Con hosts a Cast and Crew Dinner, where fans who had bid on the event could have dinner with some of the key Robotech cast and crew.
  • 4 October - The first Protoculture Con is held.
  • The comic license for the franchise, currently being held by Dynamite Entertainment, will expire at the end of the year. Other companies are already anxious to pick the series up.


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