Timeline for 2029


2029 was a year in Earth's calendar.


  • January, the Robotech Masters arrive in the Solar System , severing communications between Earth and Space Station Liberty.
  • April, a Tirolian Mothership enters Earth orbit; the Second Robotech War officially begins.
  • June, connection with Space Station Liberty is reestablished.
  • July, the Robotech Masters attempt to excavate the ruins of the SDF-1.
  • August, Earth scientists conclude that the Robotech Masters are humans, not micronized Zentraedi.
  • August, the 15th ATAC assists in bringing down a Tirolian Mothership outside Monument City. The same ATAC unit later infiltrates the mothership to gather intelligence.
  • September, the Robotech Masters attack the civillian population of Monument City, taking over 200 prisoners.
  • October, the Robotech Masters allow Zor Prime to be captured by Earth's defense forces.
  • October, a Tokugawa-class warship from the Pioneer Expedition returns to Earth; it destroyes a Tirolian Mothership in a suicide run. Survivors inform Earth's defense forces that the Robotech Expeditionary Forces will be unable to provide any immediate help with the current conflict.

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