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"A Rainy Night"
The Macross Saga, Episode 33
A Rainy Night
Air date 17 April, 1985
Written by Steve Kramer
Directed by Robert V. Barron
Comic adaptation(s) Robotech: The Macross Saga 33: A Rainy Night
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"A Rainy Night" is the thirty-third episode of Robotech: The Macross Saga.


Claudia Grant consoles Lisa Hayes over her fears that Rick and Minmei may be trying to rekindle their relationship.


Lisa Hayes is miserable. Her potential relationship with Rick Hunter has just come crashing down around her. She knows Rick Hunter is still in love with Minmei and now, Minmei seems to be returning his sentiments. Lisa feels that she’s lost him – this time for good.

Claudia Grant tries to console and counsel her friend. She shares memories of her relationship with Roy Fokker. It was a stormy courtship filled with as many difficulties as Lisa has experienced with Rick. She advises that the worst problems come from non-communication. "Don’t keep him waiting, Lisa," Claudia advises. "Don’t let too much time go by before telling him how you feel."

Lisa promises to try.

Memorable quotes

  • Rick: "Lisa's attention to business stuffs is beginning to get on my nerves!"
  • Lisa: " If you'll both excuse me, I've had just about enough of this!
  • Vanessa: "Its obvious sir! Captain Hayes just happens to be in love with you!"
    Rick: " You mean Lisa is... Is in love... With me? You gotta be kidding! Ha! The only thing she's in love with is her job!"
  • Lisa: "And to think I was trying to apologize to him! I'd rather apologize to a Zentraedi!"
  • Lisa: "Claudia, at the risk of sounding like a pushy guest, do you have anything around a bit stronger would you?"
    Claudia: "Huh?"
    Lisa: "You have any wine around the house?"
    Claudia: "Wine? Mmm-Hmm. You got it."
  • Claudia: "I thought at the time he was the most conceited person I ever seen in my life." (about her 1st meeting with Roy)
  • Roy: "Ok Claudia. This last bandit is for you. (kills a guy) Bull's-eye! Heh heh heh."
  • Roy: "Gee Claudia. Sorry to be late. But I was thinkin, If 2 were company, 5 would be a real blast!" (arriving 40 minutes late to a date with 3 other girls in the car)
  • Claudia: " How could he ever have been expected to know how I felt when I didn't have the nerve to say so?"

Background information

"A Rainy Night" was based on the original Japanese episode of The Super Dimension Fortress Macross entitled "Reinī Naito" (Meaning "Rainy Night" in English) that was aired 5 June, 1983 in Japan.

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