Alaska base

The Alaska Base before the final battle (Macross Saga: "Force of Arms")

Alaska Base was a top-secret military base located on Earth and operated by the United Earth Government.

It was headed by Admiral Donald Hayes of the United Earth Forces, who was responsible for the control of the Grand Cannon. This base played a critical role in the First Robotech War, where the Grand Cannon was used against the Zentraedi Imperial Grand Fleet.

Despite surviving the initial assault, Alaska Base would quickly fall to the powerful enemy counterattack, which left the facility ruined and destroyed.

According to one source, the base would soon become operational after 2022. In 2027, Professor Embry tried to go to Alaska base to stop B. D. Andrews from taking over the world. His plane was blown up, but he and his daughter were saved, with Andrews defeated by Mark Landry, assisted by EVE. (Robotech: The Movie)