King Arus

Alfor advises RIck hunter during a cross-dimensional encounter between two completely different worlds. (Robotech/Voltron: 3)

King Alfor was the ruler of Arus, a planet in an alternate universe, prior to the attack by the Drule Empire. A member of the royal family and the father of Princess Allura. Alfor was secretly a powerful sorcerer who would protect the planet from evil forces with his magic. Alfor agreed to the meeting between the royal family and the Drule's leadership knowing it was a trap, as he predicted that the Drule would summon the witch Haggar to the ceremony. When this came to be true, Alfor stole the keys to the five Lion segments that would create Voltron so that the beasts (hidden across Arus in a dormant state by Haggar) could be used to defend the planet. Alfor entrusted the protection of his daughter to his loyal advier and servent Coran, who kept the princess safe for long after the surrender of Arus. He then took his final stand, dying in a battle against the Drule. (Robotech/Voltron: 2, 3) As per his wishes, the keys to the lions were stored in his tomb were they ever to be needed.

Even as Alfor was dead, it did not mean the end of his spirit. His ghost would often appear to his daughter and former-adviser. In one instance, during an incident where the crossing of the Omega Comet caused the Voltron Lion Force and SDF-1 to swap their respective dimensions, Alfor also advised the young and emotionally confused Rick Hunter. Alfor led Hunter to the northern section of Arus and revealed to him a hidden mecha, a sixth lion which Alfor had kept hidden away since his death. Hunter piloted the Lion into battle and fought off the Robeasts which attacked the SDF-1.

Alfor also managed to appear to his daughter while she was trapped in the universe of Robotechnology, and advised her to help save Keith and the Black Lion, as he also helped her recognise him as the man that she loved.

Both of Alfor's confrontations in the respective battles allowed for the Omega Comet to be intercepted, meaning that the timeline which had crossed the universes over was unraveled and everything returned to normal. (Robotech/Voltron: 3, 5)

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