The Invid Invasion Alphas 1

Various Alpha Fighters in Battleoid mode. (New Generation: "The Invid Invasion")

The VFA-6 Alpha (also known as an Alpha fighter) was the main Veritech fighter in service with the Robotech Expeditionary Force. The fighter played a major role in the REFs expedition to Tirol and in the Third Robotech War.


VFA-6H Alpha

VFA-6H Alpha was a variant of the Alpha fighter designed for use by officers and was usually painted blue.

VFA-6I Alpha

VFA-6I Alpha was the standard variant of the Alpha fighter and was usually painted green.

VFA-6X Shadow Fighter

VFA-6X Shadow Fighter was a stealth variant of the Alpha fighter.

VFA-6Z Alpha

VFA-6Z Alpha was a variant of the Alpha fighter designed for optimal performance in atmospheric conditions and was usually painted red.

VQ-6X Shadow Drone

The VQ-6X Shadow Drone was similar to the Shadow Fighter, although it was unmanned.

Super Shadow Fighter

The prototype Super Shadow Fighters were an up-armored Alpha-Beta combo with additional weapons. The ones used during the attack on Space Station Liberty did not have their Shadow systems installed.

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