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"Annie's Wedding"
Robotech: The New Generation, Episode 74
Annie's wedding
Air date 13 June, 1985
Written by Steve Kramer
Directed by Robert V. Barron
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"Annie's Wedding" is the 74th episode of the Robotech tv series, part of Robotech: The New Generation.


Scott's team comes across a tribe of people that have regressed to superstition since the Invid took control of the Earth. Annie discovers love in the form of a young -- and largely inept -- warrior of this tribe.


While traveling through a forest of trees which were once active Invid Flowers of Life, the Robotech rebels run afoul of a group of primitive outcasts. The tribe has canonized the aliens as their sacred protectors. They pray and make offering to the Invid as if they were gods. Somehow Scott manages to convince them that the Invid are enemies.

Annie, ever on the lookout for a husband of property, believes she has found one in a young warrior named Macgruder. It's love at first sight for the mercenary-minded girl. But she almost loses her catch when he decides to take on the Invid all by himself in order to prove his manhood. Annie determines to help him as he is unable to handle even the simplest situation without her assistance. Hijacking Rand's cyclone, they make a diversion that allows the others to destroy the attacking aliens.

With the help of the grateful tribe, Scott and the others build a flotilla of rafts to move themselves and their mecha downriver without using Protoculture that the Invid might detect. Annie elects to stay behind with her newfound security. The group is unhappy to see her go, but don't try to stop her.

Background information

"Annie's Wedding" was based on the original Japanese episode of Genesis Climber MOSPEADA entitled "Minto no Kekkonkōshinkyoku" (Meaning "Mint's Wedding March" in English) that was aired 1 January, 1984 in Japan.


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