Annie was a free-spirited, talkative orphan who joined Scott Bernard's resistance group during the Third Robotech War.

nicknamed Mint due to her affection for Peppermint Candy, was part of Scott Bernard's freedom fighters during the Third Robotech War. She was obsessed with finding herself a boyfriend, although had little luck with her outgoing ways. While not the most skilled of the freedom fighters, Annie provided the spirit and energy for the group. She was always willing to lend a hand, regardless of whether she actually could do the task. She was willing to take on the Invid single-handed if that was what was required.


Annie was a child born during the Invid occupation of Earth. She was hyperactive, talkative, impetuous and overzealous. She was highly emotional and often not right on the head, which tended to get her into trouble. Annie was an innocent who felt she must do her part to combat the Invid, yet she was frustrated because she had no special skills nor the physical strength to do so. Still, she is feisty, courageous, and a survivor.


Annie found a new family with Scott Bernard's group of Robotech freedom fighters. She looked up to Rook Bartley as a surrogate sister and found a sparring partner with Rand. By the battle on Reflex Point, Annie had matured somewhat, learning to be more self-reliant. She stayed with Lunk and Ariel and carved out a new life together on a farm.



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