The Anti-Unification League was a Human based group on the Earth who opposed the United Earth Government.



The Anti-Unification League was a group of protesters in opposition of the United Earth Government, which formed after the SDF-1 crashed on the planet. The group began to spread across the planet shortly after the formation of the new government. In 2003, the group reached Yokohama, Japan, where Lynn Kyle became a member. (Mars Base One: Part Two) While some members saw the group as a peace-movement, (Macross Saga: "Homecoming") extremist, guerrilla sections of it soon began to grow (Macross Saga: "Homecoming," From the Stars, et. al), and the group was soon widely known as a terrorist group. (Mars Base One: Part Two, Love & War: Part 1) They fought with the Robotech Defense Force on several occasions in the time before the First Robotech War, primarily using MiM-31 Karyovin fighters. (Comic: From the Stars, Macross Saga: "A Rainy Night")

First Robotech War

In the period before the first attack by the Zentraedi, the United Earth Government knew that the aliens were coming but did not have means to gain public support for the building of weapons against the men. They could not tell the public that an alien attack was coming, and thus they had to find a false threat to use to rally public support. The Anti-Unification League turned out to be such a threat, allowing for the public to support the building of defense weaponry without actually revealing the truth. (From the Stars: Commitment)

During the First Robotech War, the Earth government exercised full press censorship over the Macross Incident and did not reveal the existence of the Zentraedi to the public. Instead, they inserted their own cover story stating that a guerrilla force representing the Anti-Unification League was responsible for the destruction of the SDF-1. Thus, the entire civilian population of Macross Island was declared dead by the Earth government. This had disastrous consequences for those on-board the space fortress, who were not allowed to leave upon returning to Earth. The United Earth Government could not release a group of people officially dead, all of whom knew the truth about the Zentraedi threat. Thus the citizens had to stay on-board the ship. (Macross Saga: "Homecoming")


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