Armor-1 low earth orbit

The Armor-1 in low Earth orbit.

Armor-1 was the prototype of the Armor-class carriers.


In 2006, Armor-1 was taken over by members of the Anti-Unification League led by Shawn Arnold. The hijackers took the ship out of its shipyard and destroyed Antarctic Base using its Reflex Weapons. They then set a course to attack Macross Island and then Alaska Base.

The Armor-1 was intercepted by Roy Fokker flying the prototype YF-1 Valkyrie. The hijackers launched the ship's complement of SF-3 Lancer fighters to destroy Fokker but the Veritech fighter easily destroyed the fighters and a salvo of missiles from Armor-1. Fokker was able to close on the bridge of the vessel, destroying it with his gun pod. While the hijackers managed to launch a Reflex warhead at Macross Island before they were killed, it was destroyed high above its intended target by Fokker during re-entry through Earth's atmosphere. (Comic: Robotech: From the Stars: "The Gathering Storm", "Commitment")

Class 00001

01 during the Malcontent uprisings

After the SDF-1 launched from Macross Island, Armor-10 joined up with Armor-1 to rendezvous and dock with the larger ship but was prevented from doing so by a massive bombardment by the Zentraedi fleet. (Macross Saga: "Space Fold")

It apparently survived the Rain of Death and continued its service. It was fired upon by an allied Zentraedi vessel which betrayed the RDF to capture protoculture for Zeraal. Jack Archer rescued the vessel by disabling the Zentraedi Destroyer. (Robotech: Battlecry)

Behind the scenes

The ARMD carrier in Robotech: Battlecry has the class # 01.

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