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The Army of the Southern Cross (often referred to simply as Southern Cross and sometimes referred to as The Armies of the Southern Cross) was a military force and was part of the United Earth Forces.

The military organization was founded by Anatole Leonard. The Army of the Southern Cross was originally named after the cross-like constellation of stars in which Tirol (the homeworld of the Robotech Masters ) was located; a constellation that was only visible from the southern hemisphere on Earth. They were styled in the ways of knights, using codenames and ranks out of the medieval age unlike the more practical Robotech Defense Force.

With the exception of the Spartas Veritech Hover Tank, the mecha and battloids of the Southern Cross where of a considerably lighter fare than their RDF predecessors. The Veritech Logan and battloids, such as the Civil Defense Battloid, where less armored and much more maneuverable than much of the RDF's mecha from a generation earlier. All Southern Cross mecha were laser resistant.

Although it was (technically) victorious against the Robotech Masters during the Second Robotech War, Southern Cross was decimated by the Invid due to being depleted of man power and equipment thanks to almost constant battles with the Masters.

As a result, many of the surviving Southern Cross personal, opted flee Earth during the initial stages of the Invid invasion and chose to meet up with returning REF forces at Space Station Liberty to fight another day.

Armies of the Southern Cross

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