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"Battle Royale"
Robotech Wars, Episode 2
Battle Royal
Air date 1986
Written by Steve Kramer
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This page is about the Robotech Wars story. For the Sentinels comic, see here.

Battle Royale is the second episode in the VHS of Robotech Wars. It is in no way canon, an uses mainly old stock footage to construct a loose narrative.

Publisher Summary

Join Rick Hunter and Roy Fokker as they encounter Zentradi forces for the first time. During the battle Rick meets Lynn Minmei in a daring rescue where he truly shows his skills as a pilot showcasing the awesome power and versatility of the Veritech fighter.

Using the Veritech fighter and Zentradi Battlepods you can become part of the Robotech Defense Force and help save mankind.


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Background information


The box that the tape came in.

In 1986, following the success of Robotech toys, Matchbox asked Harmony Gold USA to produce two special episodes of Robotech. They would feature lines recorded just for the episode and stock animation from The Macross Saga to create two brand new episodes. Then the two would be sold in a VHS called Robotech Wars inside a toy set that included Rick Hunter's Veritech fighter and a Zentradi Battlepod.

The video had a fatal issue. It made no canonical sense. For instance, Miriya Sterling with a baby Dana Sterling is seen in the first episode, but alongside Roy Fokker and Ben Dixon fighting against Breetai, despite that by the time that Dana was born the war was over, Breetai was on the RDF's side, and Roy and Ben were dead. In many ways, this episode bears resemblance to Phantasm, with the non-sense plot, the use of stock footage, and the use of flashback to episode one. For more continuity issues, see section below.

The video box set did not sell as wide as hoped, making Robotech Wars one of the rarest Robotech videos ever.


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