SDF-1 goes boom

Khyron's ship approaches the SDF-1. (Macross Saga: To the Stars)

The Battle of New Macross City was the final attack on the RDF by the Zentraedi Malcontent leader Khyron. During the attack, the SDF-1 was destroyed by Khyron's Warship, killing Henry Gloval, Vanessa Leeds, Kim Young, Sammie Porter, Khyron, Azonia, Grel, as well as hundreds of Humans and Zentraedi. (Macross Saga: To the Stars) Anatole Leonard would later refer to this battle as the final battle of the First Robotech War, (Masters Saga: Dana's Story) although it would be more accurate to call it the most infamous of the Malcontent Uprising attacks, but by no means the last. (Robotech: Battlecry)

Prelude to Battle

Prior to the Battle, Khyron stole Protoculture fuel cells to power his ship on Christmas Day of December of 2013. The Protoculture was in New Macross City and he attacked where the protoculture was.



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