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Battlepods were a class of mecha developed for use by the Imperial Zentraedi Forces. Their cockpit controls make use of standard controls and typically seated a single full-sized Zentraedi warrior. However, Micronians are capable piloting a Battlepod with at least three capable of being used to utilize the controls. They are able to operate not only in planetary environments but underwater and even through space.

The majority of this class shared a standard design namely a tall vehicles with large legs that gave them the capacity to leap across a surface terrain. A pair of thrusters are also located by the sides that can either be used to maneuver in space, aid in leaping across a surface terrain or to help in descent from drop pods to the ground. Among the primary advantages of the design include its high mobility and the fact that its capable of being easily manufactured from automated assembly lines. They are also meant to be easily serviced by the limited technical skills of standard Zentraedi infantry. As a result of its success, multiple variants of the Battlepod have been produced for use by the Zentraedi Armada.

However, the design is noted for several weaknesses such as the construction being aimed for mobility at the cost of armor. As a result, it is incapable of deflecting weaponry that meant explosive rounds caused the power system to explode. Furthermore, there is a weak spot in the armor that allowed a careful shot right under the cockpit will be able to disable the Battlepod. Despite these flaws, Battlepods follow the standard Zentraedi strategy of employing massive numbers to overwhelm their enemies.

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