Ben Dixon was a Robotech Defense Force pilot during the First Robotech War, as well as the long-term friend of Max Sterling.


Pre-First Robotech War

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First Robotech War

Ben, along with his best friend Max Sterling, became rookie wingmates under the command of newly promoted Lieutenant Rick Hunter, forming the Vermillion Squadron with Roy Fokker watching over them. While Max was being focused, the husky Ben was quite jovial, gregarious and comedic.

Ben was killed when the SDF-1's Omni-Directional Barrier System overloaded on Earth, ripping his fighter apart.(Macross Saga: "Bursting Point")


While trying to write a letter to Ben's parents about his death, Rick briefly saw Ben, who tries to cheer him up. It is unclear if this event was a literal ghost or just a vision. (Macross Saga: Paradise Lost)

During the Wedding of Rick and Lisa Hunter, he was remembered along with Roy Fokker by the couple. (Robotech II: The Sentinels: Wedding Day)

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