Bioroids on Tirol. (Robotech II: The Sentinels)

Bioroids are a type of Humanoid designed Tirolian mecha created by the Robotech Masters.


Analysis of a Bioroid revealed that it was a complicated array of mechanical parts that were controlled by stimuli that was not fully understood. A module by the side of the head was believed to act as some form of control device or overload circuit mechanism. In truth, this was actually a sonic frequency receiver that allowed artificial sensors and telepathic signals being used to direct the control of Bioroid pilots. This meant that they were partially controlled by their operators but in a manner not initially thought of by outsiders. As a result, it seemed that a higher intelligence controlled the actions of these mecha through a form of remote control. (Metal Fire)

Bypassing that relay and connecting the wires directly to a organic beings arm allowed them to flex the arms of the Bioroid. This meant these relays acted as a form of muscle and responded to the stimulus its user gave it. As a result, this form of mecha acted as a form of power amplified body armor as it was a machine that responded to the physical stimuli of its operator. Through a complicated network of biologically engineered circuits and diodes, a pilot controlled this armored suit responded in a matter of nanoseconds from orders from its operators brain making them highly maneuverable. As such, Bioroids acted as an extension of its pilot who directed their mecha from a cockpit that was the only vulnerable spot and weapon fire that killed them ultimately ended the threat of the mecha. (Metal Fire)

A micro-recorder was included within the frame of the Bioroid that acted as a black box and kept a trace on all damage sustained by it. These findings led it to be determined that Bioroids remained unaffected by hits unless a direct strike was made against the cockpit which killed its pilot. (Metal Fire)


Bioroid vs Invid Sentinels 2

A Bioroid is rammed by an Invid Shocktrooper. (Robotech II: The Sentinels)

Doctor Miles Cochrane and his colleague Doctor Samson Beckett are known to have studied the remains of a destroyed Bioroid in the Robotech Research laboratory. An ultraviolet scan confirmed traces of biogenetic matter that revealed that a living being with a highly complex genetic code piloted the mecha. Their findings led them to determine that the pilot of the Bioroid was a humanoid shaped being. These results were later forwarded to General Rolf Emerson who was informed that the Robotech Masters were not miniaturized Zentraedi but beings similar to Humans. (Danger Zone)




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