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Carla Morales was Lancer's first companion after crashlanding on Earth. She saved him after he crashed his SFA-5 Conbat near her home, and helped sneak him past the locals, who were trying to hunt down soldiers for the Invid. The two remained a team for many years, until Lancer abandoned her at a train station, fearing for her safety.

A kind and gentle woman, she rescued Lance "Lancer" Belmont after he was seriously injured during a crash landing on Earth. She was the one who thought of disguising Lancer as a woman when Invid sympathizers arrived looking for him. The two shared a special bond, one that Lancer would not reciprocate, so he abandoned her. Many years later, the two would be reunited. Carla however, was not having a relationship with Donald Maxwell, a sociopath whose father used to run Maxwell Dynamics.

They met years later when Lancer was working with Scott Bernard's resistance team. She later decided to stay with Donald Maxwell.

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Robotech: The Roleplaying Game: Lancer's Rockers notes that she took on Donald's name after she married him, and that he was killed when the Invid re-occupied Earth.


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