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This work is considered secondary-cannon. Although it has not yet been removed from the Robotech universe, it is still not considered Primary Canon. See Continuity and Canon in the Robotech Universe.

"Crystal Dreams 1" is a one-issue stand alone comic printed by Antarctic Press to advertise Robotech: Crystal Dreams, a video game that was never finished.

Plot summary

The Saturn Probe picks up Zentraedi folding into Saturn's orbit

Kyle Bartley is an ex-RDF pilot. He was kicked out years before after he disgraced himself. Not only did he look his job then, but also his only love, the micronized Zentraedi named Vala Norri. Now, as he works for MBS, he has been granted permission to fly a veritech onto the incomplete SDF-3, coincidentally where his ex is stationed, to interview the Admiral on a strange occurrence earlier in the week, when a Saturn probe had picked up a large group of Zentradi folding into Saturn's atmosphere, before going blank.

The uncompleted SDF-3 during the Crystal War.

As Kyle flies towards the ship, a Zentraedi ship folds near the ship, and a battle begins against the new Zentraedi threat.

Kyle is ordered by Rick Hunter to join the fight against them, and he does, fighting along Max Sterling against the threat. Eventually the first battle is won.

Kyle with ex-girlfriend, Vala Norri.

The two are brought along the ship. Breetai promises them that these new Zentraedi are unknown to them. Exedore theorizes that they may have escaped the last battle of the First Robotech War, although it is unlikely. Kyle is happy to see Vala, although she is not of him, still considering his disgrace a sign of the end of their relationship.

Rick discusses the war with Kyle Bartley.

Kyle asks to be let back into the RDF, but is denied by Rick, who isn't willing to make the RDF look bad by rehiring him. Rick does give him mercenary duty. Kyle returns to Earth, his new duties in mind, as well as Vala. The Crystal War had began.




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