The SDF-1 Using its Daedalus Maneuver (Macross Saga: "Blitzkrieg")

The Daedalus Maneuver was a concentrated attack which required the coordination of the Pinpoint Barrier System, the Daedalus, and a contingent of Destroids. The Pinpoint Barriers were gathered at the front of the Daedalus as the SDF-1 launched it at a Zentraedi vessel like a battering ram. After piercing the hull of the enemy ship, the Daedalus would open its deployment hatch, and a group of Destroids would launch their Missiles into the interior of the enemy ship. The Daedalus would quickly retracted as the enemy vessel exploded.

This inventive strategy was conceived by Lisa Hayes during a battle at Saturn, and was used several times successfully before Zentraedi commanders began to anticipate it and develop a counterattack. (Macross Saga: Battle Hymn)

A full-ship variation of this maneuver was also used by the SDF-1 to destroy Dolza's fortress.

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