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Dana Sterling was an anomoly in her universe. A survivor of an alternate timeline which ultimately ended with members of the REF time traveling into the past and being on-board Zor's battlefortress as it crash landed in 1999, she was placed in a Life-Pod from the SDF-3 next to the original ship. It was hoped that her arrival would lead to the timeline turning out differently. After being discovered by Earth's government, she was kept in a stasis pod in Alaska Base for over a decade. (Robotech: Robotech Free Comic Book Day 2019)

During the Zentraedi bombardment of Earth, which killed millions of people and threatened many more, Nicholas Hayes considered releasing her, not knowing if she was a savior or the catalyst to doomsday. (Robotech: Issue 19)

After Minmei and the SDF-1 stopped the bombardment and expelled many of the Zentraedi, which was considered the end of the war, Nicholas brought Lisa Hayes (his daughter and the captain of the SDF-1 following the death of Gloval) to Alaska Base to see her. (Robotech: Robotech Free Comic Book Day 2019)

After the defeat of the Zentraedi, Lisa brought Rick to Alaska Base to see if he could use his powers to learn more about what she is. When he tried he got a vision of his future self sending Dana on the mission and the pod opened, releasing her. She was surprised to see Rick looking so young and that she made it so they might have a chance. After she told them her name and they told her what year it was, she was shocked she had been under for so long and was over 10 years too late. (Robotech: Robotech 21)


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