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MAC-II Monster
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Type: Destroid
Affiliation: Robotech Defense Force
Height: 22.5 m
Depth: 41.1 m
Breadth: 24 m
Armaments: Four 400mm cannons
Two triple missile launch tubes
Crew: 3

The Destroid Monster (official designation HWR-00, also known as the MAC-II) was a heavy artillery destroid fielded by United Earth during the First Robotech War.


The Destroid Monster was one of the heaviest pieces of machinery ever used by the RDF. It featured four naval sized guns, 400 mm cannons, each able to fire 8 shells from its internal magazine. The Monster was designed to be used as mobile artillery. Because of the Monster's extreme weight, its barrels were made out of extremely light material. The Destroid weighed in at around 370 tons. (Macross Sourcebook)

The Destroid Monster was equipped with a "Dozer Blade" on the rear. Even though the Monster weighed in at around 370 tons it still required bracing to keep it from flipping over backwards when firing all four 400 mm cannons on earth. The "Dozer Blade" was lowered to the ground which held the Monster in place while she fired her four 400 mm cannons.

In space while the two Monsters defended the bridge of the SDF-1, the feet of the Monsters were held in place by powerful clamps. When the Monster's 400 mm guns fired the SDF-1 would have to compensate for the enormous amount of force being exerted by firing her engines to remain in position.

One Monster was stationed at Alaska Base, and at least five were on the SDF-1.

After Khyron kidnapped Minmei and Kyle, Khyron rode on top of his own Monster Destroid then went out for battle only to find himself surrounded by many RDF Monster Destroids.(Macross Saga: "Broken Heart")

Two Monsters protected Base-6 during Zeraal's attack, supported by Jack Archer. While they held off the enemy for a time, they were forced to fall back. (Robotech: Battlecry)

Sometime around that time, Wolf Squadron was ambushed by Malcontent Monsters, but they were destroyed by Rick Hunter in the YF-4 Lightning. (From the Stars: 0: Promises)

Three pilots for mecha

The cockpit


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