Deukalion Icarus and Earth Shadow Chronicles

The Icarus carries the disabled Deukalion (Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles)

The Deukalion was a Garfish-class cruiser modified for use as a science vessel.

The Deukalion and the SDF-3 tested one of the Neutron-S missiles on a lifeless planet in the Omicron Sector. Assigned to the Deukalion were Exedore and Janice Em. (Robotech: Prelude to the Shadow Chronicles: The Children of the Shadows)

The Deukalion was later salvaged by the Icarus, which found only one survivor: Janice. The Icarus then towed the crippled vessel back to Moon Base ALUCE for further study. (Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles)

Behind the Scenes

In Greek mythology, Deukalion was the son of the Titan Prometheus.


Tertiary Sources

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