Dolza was the Supreme Commander of the Zentraedi during the First Robotech War.


Before the First Robotech War, the Zentraedi were ordered by the Robotech Masters to pursue Zor and his Protoculture Matrix. To that end, Dolza deployed Breetai to find the missing ship, which he did. However the ship was not in the hands of the renegade Robotech Master, but in the possession of Micronians native to Earth. These Micronians, known as Humans, had remodeled the ship and christened it the SDF-1. While they didn't know how most of the ship worked, they knew enough to get it flying and engage the Zentraedi. During this time, the humans were unaware of much of the Zentraedi's way of life, and as a result they also were unaware of Dolza's existence.

This changed when Breetai captured Lisa Hayes, Rick Hunter, and Ben Dixon. Breetai and Exedore decided to bring them before Dolza so he could interrogate them. During this interrogation, he tried to uncover their knowledge of Protoculture and how their society worked, only to be dissatisfied with the answers he received. Disgusted by human culture and the humans before him, he told his right hand Azonia to recapture the SDF-1 before they annihilated Earth. (Macross Saga: First Contact, The Big Escape)

Ultimately, Azonia failed just as Breetai had before her. Dolza, done waiting, sent Breetai back. However in truth Dolza intended to kill him, Azonia, Khyron, and the Zentraedi who had come into contact with Earth. Shortly after Breetai and Azonia negotiated peace, the Imperial Grand Fleet arrived in orbit, five million ships strong. While he successfully destroyed 70% of Earth, the SDF-1 retaliated, and Dolza was killed along with the majority of the fleet. (Macross Saga: Force of Arms)


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