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EU-12 gun pod Love Live Alive

The EU-12 gun pod was a weapon used by the Army of the Southern Cross and Robotech Expeditionary Force.

During the Invid Invasion in 2031, several VHR-2 Myrmidon Hovertanks were used in battle and carried EU-12 gun pods.(Robotech: Love & War, Part 1)

The REF deployed MBR-12 MK II. Condor battloids used EU-12 gun pods during the first Earth Reclamation Force assault in 2038 in an attempt to free Earth from Invid domination. (The New Generation: "The Secret Route") One year later, survivors of the 7th Mars Division had access to two of them and used them to attack an Invid Hive in Uruguay, although they were destroyed by the hive shield. (Invasion: Part 4)

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