Epilogue is a self-titled series of strips for the Robotech/Voltron crossover event was published on the Robotech Facebook page as an advertisement for the graphic novel collection of the story. The pieces mildly broke the fourth wall, showing characters of the Robotech and Voltron universes discussing aspects of a crossover and a comic respectively, framed in a way that it could be inferred that they were talking about an in-universe story.


First strip

Konda is angered that the story ended so suddenly and so cleanly, and Bron notes that he would have liked to see some permanent change in the universe -- the death of a fan favorite for instance. Rico argues that the nature of crossovers means that the universes have to go back to normal afterwards, an assessment which angers Konda to the point that the three start fighting. Kim and Sammie begin to watch the brawl and film it with their phones, and Vanessa states "boys will be boys."

Second strip

A group of Space Mice gather around a table. One is reading a small comic, which features Keith Kogane and Allura embracing romantically. He grows excited over this scene, which causes another mouse to laugh at him. The two begin to fight, as the others watch in excitement.

Memorable Quotes

  • Konda: "So everyone just lives happily ever after? Don't you think that resolves everything a bit too neatly?"
    Bron: "Heh, I was hoping more main characters were honna get blown up forever!"
    Rico: "You can't do that in a crossover, you have to let the universes return to where they left off!"
  • Vanessa: "Well, I guess boys will be boys."



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