The FA-109 Sylphid was a Robotech Veritech used during the Second Robotech War.


Tertiary sources

Behind the scenes


VF-7 Sylphide.Still001

The turret on the bottom of the FA-109 Sylphid, which is very similar the turret on the bottom of the VF-1 Valkyrie, that would form the head.

The name of the Sylphid is never stated on screen or in other media. The Sylphid title originates from the Japanese source material. Although fan-created sources named it the VF-7, it is referred to as the FA-109 in Robotech RPG books.


Recent fan debates have questioned whether the Sylphid, referenced to as a Veritech Fighter, actually posses the ability to transform. This has been backed up by the fact that the Mecha seems to hold many similarities to the VF-1 Valkyrie that would allow for transformation, including the turret underneath that would normally form the head of the VF-1.

While it might be possible for future media to expand on this, it's almost certain that this was not a purposeful detail.


At least two distinct models of it are seen in the series, one with forward-swept wings and the other a more straight-winged version. It is not clear if they are distinct variants or simply an animation error.

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