Close Encounter

The Game Center was an arcade located located in Macross City during 2011. The business was opened by the Game Center boss and had one other known employee. The boss was annoyed by the fact that he opened the arcade so close to the soldiers barracks, as the skilled pilots would often do well in the games and receive large sums of money from the machines.

The only known game at the center was Battleroid Attack!!.

While trying to get back at Max Sterling, Miriya went to the Game Center (which Miriya believed to be a combat training facility) on the SDF-1. She found herself unbeatable at a combat simulation game. Max, who was attracted to Miriya, challenged her to a video game in the hope of getting to know her better. After a short game, Max defeated her, and Miriya concluded (correctly) that Max must be the ace pilot whom she faced in real combat. Max won both rounds of the game played, and Miriya was furious that she has been beaten again. As she stormed off, Max asked her out on a date. Miriya, still determined to defeat him, accepted, agreeing to meet him the at a local park. (Macross Saga: Showdown)

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