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A Garudan.

The Garudans are a sentient species native to the planet Garuda and were one of the many intelligent races of the Local Group.

This primitive vulpine race were the product of a unique environment on their homeworld which they had adapted to and were able to survive in. Its conditions meant that the Garudans found a normal oxygen based atmosphere toxic and were unable to breath in such environments. As such, whenever travelling offworld, Garudans were required to wear a special breathing apparatus that simulated the conditions on their homeworld. Their cultural was a tribal one and their clans had experienced elders known as shamans.

Similar to many other races in the Local Group, the Garudans were visited by the enigmatic Haydon who was said to had engineered the specific conditions on their homeworld. Thousands of years afterwards, the Tirolian scientist Zor seeded Garuda with a mutated strain of the Flower of Life. This led to their eventual conquest at the hands of the Robotech Masters who enslaved them, experimented on the Garudans, stole their air and harvested it of the Flower of Life. The Garudan homeworld became the backwater in the Tirolian Empire and eventually attracted the attention of the vengeful Invid.

The Invid assaulted Garuda and defeated the Robotech Masters on the planet. At first, the Garudans believed the aliens to be their liberators but were dismayed to see that the Invid were just another race of conquerors who enslaved their race. The Garudans were placed in separate labor camps where they were forced to harvest the Flower of Life orchard gardens for their masters who derived nourishment from them. However, a band of freedom fighters formed and made numerous engagements against the Invid with the help of Bioroid clone pilots that had remained behind as well as adapted to their new surroundings.

Among the captured Garudans was Kami and his mate Learna who eventually helped form the Sentinels that sought to free their homeworlds. After the liberation of Karbarra, the Sentinels along with their Human allies moved to free Garuda and eventually succeeded in defeating the Invid presence on the planet.