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This work is not considered Canon in the Robotech universe. Either it was never meant to be canon or was later reconnected out of continuity. On this site, we consider any works that majority contradict primary material or has been officially resigned by the Robotech team to be non-canon.

"Genesis" was a Robotech novelization written by Jack McKinney and the first book of the Robotech novel series. The novel spanned the first five episodes of the TV series and included a novelization of the Robotech: The Graphic Novel in early chapters.


The Global Civil War was about to make Humankind extinct, when the stupendous Super Dimensional Fortress dispatched to Earth by a dying alien genius changed all that forever. Humanity's only hope lay in a corps of untried young men and women gifted with powers they didn't fully understand. Then the most feared conquerors in the universe attacked, determined to destroy them for no reason they could comprehend.

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