Geraro bye bye mars

Geraro in his Battlepod (Macross Saga: Bye-Bye Mars)

Geraro was a member of the Botoru Battalion serving under Khyron. In an attempt to capture the SDF-1 on Mars, he placed Gravity Mines near Mars Base Sara. (Macross Saga: Bye-Bye Mars)

Altered Timeline

Gerao Robotech Voltron

In the altered timeline, he worked under Khyron managing tasks after the deaths of Exedore and Breetai from the Voltron Lion Force. Khyron had him use a cometary Orbit around the sun to avoid detection by the Micronians. He also reported to Khyron about the mysterious power source readings from the Voltron Lions. But was shut down when suggesting reporting the findings to a higher up as Khyron did not want any interference. After an attack that was repelled by the Black Lion, he reported to Khyron about their crashed scout ship releasing Gravity Mines and how the Lions were not like the Invid Hellcats. He was then ordered to try to capture one of the Lions.(Robotech/Voltron)


For the Macross equivalent, visit Gerao.

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