Asc crest gmp

The crest of the Global Military Police.

The Global Military Police (GMP) was the law enforcement and internal intelligence wing of the United Earth Forces. A highly secretive organization, the GMP reported directly to the supreme commander of the Army of the Southern Cross.

They were responsible for maintaining discipline within the military forces of the United Earth Government and also made security checks of all personnel. In addition, they provided internal and external intelligence. The most elite division of the Government's military profile, the GMP often acts on its own without the approval or knowledge of their superiors.



  • QPR-19 Golem GMP-Enforcement Corps Autonomous Police Robot

Behind the Scenes

According the novel Southern Cross, a journal by S. J. Fischer titled "Legion of Light: A History of the Army of the Southern Cross" indicates the importance and power of the GMP was attributable to the near feudal nature of Earth society in that time. The Global Military Police served as the only truly worldwide law enforcement agency that provided a check and balance on those who had access to Robotechnology. Thus, they had their own war machinery, combat forces and an intelligence network. Careers in the GMP provided a quick road to advancement though recruits had to say goodbye to outside friendships as such amenities would no longer exist for them.

The Robotech: Return to Macross comic series shows the GMP being present prior to the First Robotech War and being used for police duties on such sites as Macross Island.




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