Golem False Start

A Golem arrives with a Global Military Police Officer to stop a fight between two sectors. (Masters Saga: False Start)

APR-4 Golems were Police Robots used by the Global Military Police during the time period of and around the Second Robotech War.

Specific Incidents

During her first outing in command of the 15th Alpha Tactical Armored Corps, Dana's group clashed violently with another, which caused the GMP to intervene, bringing with them a single Golem. Dana and her teammates escaped, but not before accidentally knocking over the Golem in question. (Masters Saga: False Start)

A grouping of Golems were called in to aid the 15th Alpha Tactical Armored Corps in a battle against the Robotech Masters. (Masters Saga: Half Moon)

The Invid Connection GMP Robots

Golem robots in the squadron of Nova Satori. (Masters Saga: "The Invid Connection")


Golems were able to advice sentencing for crimes committed, (Masters Saga: False Start) as well as other abilities.



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