Gorian, also known as the Butcher of Little Mesa, was a male Zentraedi who emerged from the clone chambers on 18 December, 1978. As a member of the Imperial Zentraedi Forces, he served as a Commander of the Botoru Commando Battalion under Khyron and was part of his fleet.

During the First Robotech War, his vessel was destroyed during the bombardment of Earth and crashed in North America. Unlike many of the surviving Zentraedi, Gorian was never enthralled by Human culture and joined Zeraal's army as they assaulted the communities and RDF outposts in the wasteland. He lead a battalion of Male Power Armor commandos known as the Botaru Commando Battalion, most of whom would be killed in engagements with Wolf Squadron and their leader, Jack Archer.

At one point, he was dispatched alongside Skarrde to assault the town of Little Mesa where he ordered the destruction of the bunkers where civilians had taken refuge. The Little Mesa Massacre, as it came to be known, made Gorian a priority target for the RDF. He and his remaining MPA's would later launch an assault inside the Safe Zone around Base 6, where the commandos were eventually hunted down and killed by Jack Archer.

Gorian quickly tried to retreat from the Safe Zone, but Archer pursued him and forced the Butcher of Little Mesa to make a landing in an abandoned industrial area near Base 6. Attempting to shoot down Jack as he approached, Gorian recognized him as the ace pilot who had defeated Zeraal's finest warriors, and in turn Archer recognized the Zentraedi as the Butcher of Little Mesa. He swore to take revenge and Gorian, believing he would be named Zeraal's second-in-command if he killed the ace, engaged him. He was killed in the ensuing battle, something Archer was happy to have been able to do personally. (Robotech: Battlecry)

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