Tasha uses the H-109P Destabilizer. (Robotech: Invasion )

The H-109P Destabilizer was a weapon system designed by United Earth Government in the Third Robotech War that were intended to combat the shield technology of the Invid and were typically wielded by Cyclone operators.

The plans for the prototypes were initially stolen before the first Earth Reclamation Force mission to Earth in 2038 by Doctor Osmund and intelligence later determined that a working example of the technology was being fielded in the North American quadrant. The Robotech Expeditionary Force made it a standing order for all mission personnel to report any sightings or leads that would lead to the recovery of the prototype.

The Destabilizer fired powerful energy blasts capable of breaching energy shields and dealt an extreme level of damage to a target. An H-109P was designed to carry magazines that powered four shots from the weapon. However, there were a number of problems with the design namely that it had a low level of accuracy and had medium range. Furthermore, the rate of fire was very slow and there was a slow reload time further hampering extended use of the Destabilizer.


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