"Half Moon"
The Masters, Episode 41
Half Moon Nova and Dana
Air date 29 April, 1985
Written by Steve Kramer
Directed by Robert V. Barron
Comic adaptation(s) Robotech Masters 4: Half Moon
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"Half Moon" is the 41st episode of Robotech and the fifth episode of Robotech: The Masters.


When Dana and Bowie perform a rogue patrol, Bowie is captured. Meanwhile, the Robotech Masters are discovered to be digging around the site of the SDF-1's wreckage.


On a routine night patrol, Dana Sterling and Bowie Grant discover a trespasser in a forbidden sector outside what was once New Macross City. They investigate despite receiving negative orders from their command post.

The "intruder" turns out to be enemy aliens led by the pilot of the red bioroid. In the skirmish that follows, Bowie is captured.

Dana reports her finds but is denied permission to rescue her aide. Once again, she circumvents orders. Dana gathers the 15th Squadron. A midnight drill seems suddenly in order -- with live ammunition and full combat gear.

At Headquarters, Military Intelligence confirms that the aliens are digging at the crash site of the old SDF-1. They are mystified as to what the Robotech Masters could possibly want or salvage from the old wreck. Their meeting is interrupted by a large-scale bioroid attack.

Convinced the Robotech Masters mean to kill him, Bowie wastes no time discovering a means to escape confinement. He breaks out of his cell and finds a way outside as the 15th Squadron engages the enemy. Once again, Dana finds herself face to face with the red bioroid pilot. This time, both experience an unsettling moment of recognition.

Reinforcements arrive to help the 15th rescue Bowie. The Robotech Masters' huge advance command ship retreats, rising slowly into the air carrying not only the compliment of bioroids but their strange commander as well.

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Dana Sterling Derp

At around 8 minutes in, after Dana kicks Angelo's feet out from under him and he's on the floor, she winks at him but only 1 eye looks down (the winking eye).


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