Heavy Artillery Battlepod
Heavy Artillery Battlepod
Type: Mecha
Affiliation: Imperial Zentraedi Forces
Height: 20.3 m
Depth: 11.4 m
Breadth: 8 m
Armaments: 2 x quadruple-barreled medium Beam cannons
2 x single barrel light cannons (2000 rounds)
4 x 791mm long range warheads
Crew: 1 pilot

The Heavy Artillery Battlepod (also known as Serauhaug-Regult) was a variant of the standard Zentraedi infantry mecha that is frequently encountered during the First Robotech War. Known as the Serauhaug-Regult within the Zentraedi ranks, its key distinguishing feature was its ability to launch heavy long-range warheads at very large targets.


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