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"Hired Gun"
Robotech: The New Generation, Episode 81
Hired. gun
Air date 24 June, 1985
Written by Steve Kramer
Directed by Robert V. Barron
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"Hired Gun" is the 81st episode of Robotech, part of the Robotech: The New Generation saga.


The freedom fighters are more or less forced into becoming a posse on a manhunt for what appears to be a stone-cold killer, but there is much more than meets the eye when it comes to Dusty Ayres.


At first, Scott and his resistance unit are pleased to find a populated town, but when they are commandeered to join a posse in order to track down a human outlaw, the lieutenant has second thoughts. The outlaw's name is Dusty Ayres, and he's murdered townsfolk in cold blood.

Splitting up, Rook and Rand run into an Invid patrol, and receive aid from a mysterious man. While Rook comes to sympathize with his plight -- the right side of his body has mostly been replaced with Invid bio-machinery -- Rand is suspicious of him, for the Invid fled nearly on sight.

When they meet up with the rest of the group, they come to the realization that this man was actually Dusty Ayres!

A large party moves to hunt him down, but Rook is able to pull ahead and confront Dusty. He explains that the people he's killing were the very "friends" that had left him to die, which in turn is what allowed the Invid to take him and experiment on him. He murders them out of revenge.

Suddenly, the rest of the party comes under Invid attack. Dusty and Rook race to the scene, and while the Invid are being dealt with, Dusty fires upon some of the townsfolk accompanying Scott and his men, seeing them as the last of the people that left him behind. Mistaking his actions for helping the Invid, Scott and several of the others attack. But Rook gets in the way, pleading for a peaceful resolution.

In the midst of the dramatic standoff, a surviving Invid fires upon Rook and Dusty, killing Dusty before it is in turn destroyed.

Background information

  • "Hired Gun" was based on the original Japanese episode of Genesis Climber MOSPEADA entitled "Koroshi no Arupejio" (Meaning "Arpeggio of Murder" in English) that was aired 26 February, 1984 in Japan.


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