Humans. (Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles)

Humans were a species native to the planet Earth. This race was biologically similar to the Tirolians and their Zentraedi clones, being nearly identical to the Zentraedi in terms of DNA.

During the 1990s they were embroiled in a Global Civil War, which ended with the arrival of the Zor's Battlefortress in 1999. (Macross Saga: Boobytrap)

Thanks to the technological advancements the ships granted the human race, they developed advanced technology such as Veritech fighters and reflex weaponry.

Kids playing Outsiders

Human children play. (Masters Saga: "Outsiders")

In 2009, the Zentraedi tracked the SDF-1 to Earth. The SDF-1 fired on the Zentraedi starting the First Robotech War. The war almost saw 3 billion out of 8 billion of the Human race on Earth was bombarded by the Zentraedi fleet.

While humankind was rebuilding, the Earth was visited by the Zentraedi's Robotech Masters, also in search of the SDF-1 and the Protoculture Matrix it housed.

The Earth was finally invaded, and some of billion people on earth where put into forced labor when the Invid came in search of the Flower of Life that remained after the degeneration and loss of the Protoculture Matrix.


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