The Icarus tries to avoid being sucked into a Black hole(Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles)

The Icarus was a modified Shimakaze-class vessel commanded by T.R. Edwards during the REF Civil War, then by Vince Grant at the end of the Third Robotech War and the start of the Fourth. It was the first Shimikaze class vessel to be equipped with a synchro cannon and Shadow Device.

It was destroyed during the Battle of Space Station Liberty when it was abandoned aboard the doomed station.


While the Icarus was under construction on Tirol, T.R. Edwards authorized an unprecedented upgrade to its armaments--adding a synchro cannon to its forward section. After the murder of Lynn Kyle, Edwards and his troops used the improved Icarus to escape Tirol and the REF to rendezvous with the Invid Regent. He used it as his flagship during the REF Civil War.

Vince Grant followed the Icarus to Optera in the Tokugawa, which was destroyed in battle over the planet. Survivors of the Tokugawa continued their mission against Edwards on the surface. When their tasks were complete, the Tokugawa crew commandeered the Icarus to escape the planet. (Robotech: Prelude to the Shadow Chronicles)

Third Robotech War

While the rest of the fleet fought against the Invid at Reflex Point, the Icarus was sent to the Omicron Sector in response to a distress call from the SDF-3. Vince Grant, who had a personal friendship with Rick Hunter, sought to save the admiral. When they arrived, they were forced to maneuver out of the event horizon of a Black Hole, and rendezvous with the SDF-3 and the science vessel Deukalion.

Fourth Robotech War

Icarus was hit by the opening shots of the Fourth Robotech War when they engaged a Haydonite flotilla that was trying to destroy the SDF-3 and her Protoculture Matrix. Ordered by Hunter to take the Deukalion back to Earth with vital information, the Icarus tried to take them both back using their Space Fold engines. However a Haydonite vessel rammed the SDF-3 and forced them to leave without it.

The Icarus then participated in the Battle of Space Station Liberty, where it was abandoned in favor of the Ark Angel as it had been compromised by it's Shadow Technology and Synchro Cannons. It was promptly destroyed in the detonation of the Neutron-S Missiles.


Behind the Scenes

In Greek mythology, Icarus was the son of Daedalus, who himself hosted a Robotech mecha in name.

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