Invid Carrier
Invid carrier
Affiliation: Invid
Type: Carrier
Length: 155 m
Beam: 122 m
Draft: 52 m
Armaments: None
Carried mecha: Up to 450 Invid Scouts
or Fighter Scouts,
200 Troopers or Shock Troopers,
or 140 Invid Enforcers or
Invid Commander.
Crew: Seven, Four Invid Soldiers
as Pilots and Three Soldiers
as backups.

The Invid Carrier was one starship class operated by the Invid. It was designed to transport as many mecha as possible to the battlefield. It had no offensive or defensive weapons system and relied entirely on its cargo of mecha for protection.

While Scouts were generally deployed, other types of Invid mecha were capable of being carried, but in much smaller numbers. The mecha were packed one on top of the other in a very tight and concise formation. Despite this, the Carriers proved largely successful in operations against the Robotech Expeditionary Force as their cargo of Scouts were often used in ramming attacks against Human warships. This meant that a single Carrier was able to effectively launch 450 equivalent anti-ship missiles within seconds. The Carrier was at a disadvantage until it released its mecha, which meant enemy warships were able to destroy large squadrons of Scouts by destroying the ship before it opened its bay hatches.



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