Invid Fighter Scout
Sentinels Invid 10
Affiliation: Invid
Height: 2.7 m
Depth: 3.25 m
Breadth: 3.75 m
Armaments: 2 Claws
2 Light Plasma Cannons
Crew: 1

The Invid Fighter Scout was the standard air/space fast-attack combat mecha of the Invid. An upgraded variation of the standard Invid Scout, the Fighter Scout had two top-mounted Plasma Cannons which enabled it to engage air and ground-based targets with the same lethal power. It was in this capacity that most resistance fighters on Invid-occupied Earth encountered it. Even though it was usually called the Fighter Scout (or "Armed Scout") scouting was certainly the lesser of the two roles.

The Fighter Scout was a small and nimble mecha, and like the standard Scout, it was very capable in aerospace environments and was also piloted by lower-caste Invid.


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