Invid Shocktrooper
Invid cool shot
Affiliation: Invid
Height: 4.8 m
Depth: 3.6 m
Breadth: 3.75 m
Armaments: 2 Triple Claws
2 Plasma Cannon pods
Crew: 1

The Invid Shocktrooper was the standard front-line ground mecha of the Invid forces. Although capable of flight, the Shocktrooper was not suited for air-to-air combat, leaving that job to the faster and more agile fighter and scout Invid mecha. Its heavy weapons makes it devastating in air-to-ground attacks.

Like all Invid mecha, the Shocktroopers had protoculture sensors in addition to optical and electro-magnetic sensors. Though almost identical in contruction to the basic Invid Trooper, the Shocktrooper came with two very powerful cannons that could fire lethal plasma discs. The Shocktrooper was more heavily armored than other standard Invid models, but could still be successfully engaged by well placed small and medium weapon.

The pilot of the Invid Shocktrooper sits in a bath of nutrient fluid similar in color (and odor) to the pilot's own blood, and a direct hit to the cockpit compartment will usually cause a mixture of both fluids to gush out.


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