Invid Trooper
Lonely Soldier Boy Invid 1
Affiliation: Invid
Height: 4.4 m
Depth: 3.6 m
Breadth: 3.2 m
Armaments: 2 Triple Claws
Crew: 1

The Invid Trooper was the standard ground mecha of the Invid forces. The upgraded Invid Shocktrooper is essentially the same mecha, but was more heavily armored and has two heavy Plasma Cannon pods mounted on its shoulders.

Used primarily in areas already under Invid control, the standard Trooper did not contain any offensive weapons like its Shocktrooper counterpart, but it was still a menacing and formidable opponent. It could serve in pacification and control as well as combat operations.

Like all newer Invid mecha, the standard Invid trooper has protoculture sensors in addition to optical and electro-magnetic sensors. The standard trooper was relatively lightly armored and could be successfully engaged even by Cyclone-mounted and man-portable rockets, though its claws are quite capable of seriously damaging and destroying an Alpha Fighter.


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