Jack mickinny

The two halves of Jack Mckinney.

Jack McKinney was a pseudonym used by American authors James Luceno and Brian Daley before and after the latter's death. Jack's biography is actually a combination of the biographies of Luceno and Daley.

They were responsible for adapting the Robotech TV series into a series of novels as well as several books that told the story of the failed TV series, Robotech II: The Sentinels. The last Robotech novel they wrote together as Jack McKinney was End of the Circle, which tied up the plotlines of the novels. It also reveled that Jack McKinney was a pseudonym for James Luceno and Brian Daley to it's readers.

Luceno also wrote three Robotech novels under this pseudonym without Daley. They were: The Zentraedi Rebellion, The Masters' Gambit and Before the Invid Storm.

They also wrote the Black Hole Travel Agency series of novels as Jack McKinney.

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