Karen Penn is a female Human who lived in the early 21st century.



She was the daughter of noted Doctor Harry Penn of the Robotech Research Group headed by Doctor Emil Lang whilst her mother was killed during the events of the First Robotech War. As a result of her mother's death, her father began to ignore and neglect her which led to her enlisting in the Robotech Defense Force. By the age of 17, she became a talent test pilot when the Pioneer Expedition was being assembled. After demonstrating her skill, she impressed Max Sterling though her father disproved of her actions. Despite this stance, Dr. Lang encouraged her to join the Robotech Expeditionary Force and she participated in its launch in 2022 during its launch. During her time in the Expeditionary Force, she was known to have developed a rivalry with fellow pilot Jack Baker with the two forming a love-hate relationship.

Penn later participated in the struggle against the Invid after the SDF-3 was stranded at Tirol. During this time, she accompanied the Sentinels where she engaged in numerous campaigns against the forces of the Regent.

Shadow Chronicles

By 2043, Penn was promoted to the position of bridge officer where she served under Captain Vince Grant in the campaign to bring traitorous General T. R. Edwards to justice. This resulted in an assault on Optera where the Regent was killed and Commander Penn along with the rest of the crew were forced to abandon ship after it was damaged by enemy weapon fire.

She survived the REF Civil War but its unknown if she stood on Tirol like her friend Jack Baker or returned to Earth with the Earth Reclamation Force.



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