Kiyora was a female Zentraedi who emerged from the clone chamber on 2 January, 1985.


The First Robotech War

During her service, she managed to rise to the rank of Lieutenant in the Imperial Zentraedi Forces where she became one of the greatest female aces within her people. 

It was believed that she had destroyed over 250 enemy units during her deployments. She participated in the assault against Earth with the Imperial Grand Fleet. In the battle, she attacked and decimated Wolf Squadron, leaving only Jack Archer to fight her alone. To her absolute shock and horror, Archer defeated her, forcing her to retreat from the battle. This marked the first true defeat in her entire career and it left her mentally unhinged, swearing she would meet Archer again.
Kiyora dead

Jack looks over the dead Kiyora. (Robotech: Battlecry)

The Zeraal Campaign

Kiyora armour

Kiyora in her battle suit, with Jack Archer behind her. (Robotech: Battlecry)

After the end of the First Robotech War, Kiyora became fixated on avenging her defeat at the hands of the Micronian Archer and developed a vengeful obsession with him. As such, she joined Zeraal's forces to further her own goals in the hope of meeting Archer once more for one last duel. She eventually got her wish, killing RDF scouts and forcing both Archer and Izzy Randal into a firefight. When Archer got the better of her, she shot down Randal, and forced her enemies to the ground. Jack rescued a severely wounded Izzy and once again soundly defeated Kiyora, causing her already fragile mental state to worsen.

She later participated in Zeraal's final attack on Base-6, where she served not only as his top pilot, but also as his field commander. While her assignment was to call in Zeraal's elite troops when the base's outer defenses fell, her grudge against Archer led her to hold them back. She began one final duel and after a long struggle above the base Jack finally killed the Zentraedi Ace. With her death, Zeraal's forces retreated from Base-6, setting in motion the collapse of Zeraal's army and the end of the Zeraal Campaign.


Kiyora was a vicious Zentraedi Ace with skills that put her on the level of Miriya. She had never lost a fight until the First Robotech War. Where most Zentraedi were simply proud and saw war as a way of life, Kiyora took delight in murder and violence, considering it entertaining and fun.

Her defeat at the hands of Jack Archer drove her insane, leading to her taking a personal grudge against Archer. She mistook her desire for his death as love, which Jack was quick to correct her about, calling it "psychosis". Her obssession with Wolf-10 ultimately lead to her death.

Behind the scenes


"Tekiva Kiyora" concept art.

Concept art refers to her name being Tekiva Kiyora.

Both Kiyora and Lisa Hayes were born in 1985, and both are voiced by Melanie MacQueen.

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