Konda was a purple-haired Zentraedi who was part of the team of spies sent to the SDF-1 by Commander Breetai to observe Micronian culture. Konda, Rico, and Bron were some of the first to defect to the SDF-1 after being exposed to culture; a turning point of the war. Konda and his friends were extreme fans of Lynn Minmei, a singer on-board the ship who recorded love songs. After the war, the trio began complete lives on Earth, working for various jobs in order to survive among the humans. According to many sources, they served as godfathers to Dana Sterling after her parents failed to return to Earth during the Pioneer Expedition.


The three Zentraedi began their mission aboard the SDF-1. They saw the Macross operators change their clothes, Konda was deduced they could get clothes from the same room. Breaking in, they all stole clothing to wear on the ship, Bron accidentally grabbing those of a woman. (Macross Saga : "Blue Wind")


For his Macross counterpart, visit Conda Bromco.

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